A podcast about the watershed moments of life; the moments when everything changes

Episode 3: Gini Dietrich adds a family member

Episode three of the podcast features Gini Dietrich. Gini is herself a veteran podcaster, among other things — she’s cohosted the Inside PR podcast for a number of years. But she’s also an entrepreneur (the founder of public relations firm Arment Dietrich), a prolific blogger, and has written two books: Marketing in the Round (with Geoff Livingston) and Spin Sucks.

But when Gini and her husband Kelly began to discuss whether they would have children, she began a journey that was part personal discovery, part exploration of the nature of private and public life when you live online, and a combination of waiting game and panic. The result of it all was her daughter Addie.

Take a listen. You’ll get it.

PS: I had planned on releasing two versions of this podcast; one with me kept in and one with just Gini’s voice. But when I recorded it, I hadn’t been thinking about that option, so I couldn’t get me in there with decent sound quality. I may do that experiment in episode four of the podcast.

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